Prayer Room

Five times daily prayers & Friday Prayers

Brunel ISOC provides Wudu facilities, 5 daily Salah in Jama'ah, Taraweeh and Iftar in Ramadhan. The Segregated prayer space is available 24 hours a day in the Isambard Complex Amenity Building on the 2nd Floor (In the picture).

Friday Prayers (1.05 pm)

Friday prayers take place in the Netball Hall next to the Sports Centre (picture right). The entrance for the brothers is located at the back of the main building and the side entrance is available for the sisters. There are no ablution (Wudu) facilities at the location. It is recommended that you check beforehand on our Facebook page to confirm the prayer location.


Brunel University London Uxbridge United Kingdom UB8 3PH

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